At the end of the day

what is left is the job (well) done

Green Building Principles by students at IST-ESSA  Engineering School section Wood

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined to be invited in such great companies. From March until December, I have been part of a great movement of people and institutions working together towards the same goal : building a better greener country. Technicians, artists and researchers working together (and speaking to each other) around topics that I truly believe in. But I didn’t have many opportunities to practice in the field (apart from few nice projects).

2018, Orphelinat de Manandona avec Architropic SURL

2019 was the year I was offered to share my views and very little expertise on sustainability and socially-oriented projects.

2020 will be the year (and mark my words) I will make all of this real. or at least will work very hard at it.

December 2019, Forêts  et Biodiversité

Many Thanks to teams and great co-workers (among so many) from ESSA  Ankatso University,  COI Energies program experts from all over  the Indian Ocean, the hard working friends from La Maison de l’Architecture, Syndicat  des Industries de Madagascar, Architalkers, Think Tankers @  Tanàna 4.0, Bekoto, Beatrice, Brad Pitt, my team @ TRANO Architecture , my family… 

April 2019, with Mr Freddy Rajaonera from SIM @ Forum Energies  Renouvelables de l’Ocean Indien

At the end of the day, I really sincerly want to thank those who ignored and who took a hard time berating us. You made us work harder and improve ourselves to become better architects and surely better human beings.

Ny olona ny fototry ny singan’asa tsirairay…

– Francis Kéré

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