I was lucky enough to be a very proud owner of Colors Magazine July 1991 1st publication. I got it for free when shopping at UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON (still my favourite brand). we were back in the US for the summer staying at Boston College Campus. I was just 9 at that time but I very much hung to this unique magazine for years until I left for Montreal, Qc. at 18.

why ? Oliviero Toscani’s unique mindset opens your soul to a whole new paradigm, new ways of seeing things which helps understand stuffs (mostly sh*t) that are happening to the world. also to your body. Today I am struggling with the concept that 30 years after we are still at point zero to nowhere in my homeland. i.just.don’t.get.because : internet.

maybe I got smarter through the years by not shouting f*cks by the seconds (maybe not). one thing you can be sure of is that I will never bend to everyday’s everybody’s hypocrisy of playing make-believes. so my kids, my girls, my boy are going to be raised with love, openmindness, smarts and mostly by learning day by day to listen and respect other’s opinions. to learn.

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