Top of the hill village in Sisaony region nearby Antananarivo

First trimester of 2020 has been hectic. out of this world most traumatic experiences. All should remember these last 2 months as “trying times that should ignite our internal fire to bring out something better at the very least something extraordinary”.

I was about to jumpstart my professional life which was dryly going bottom by December 2019. It brought me to think about leaving this country for good. Senior architects, very best friends of mine now, agreed to take over some projects for the time being and I was about to fly to Canada for good kids and hubby in tow.

It wasn’t for the lack of trying. I managed to secure some interesting projects and our firm has gathered attention from biggest clients throughout our 5-year lifetime. I was just too exhausted. My heart was not there anymore. At least, I thought at the time, I gave it a good fight.

Then happened this other project.


I came back.

Rode 2400 km in 24 days.

got offered a great position. no kiddin. THE JOB.

Then happened this Covid19 thing.

The worse. truly.

Our generation and our parents’ haven’t experience anything of this level. We are used to those dramatic political uprising or gigantic cyclones that bring their share of economical crisis. We are used to epidemic crisis. Fevers, Cholera, Plague,…medieval diseases have nothing on us. We know this stuff from heart and minds. We managed to survive. never had a chance at thriving. it was always about survival.

Then happened this thing.

It is of course the worse pandemic. but we haven’t seen the same datas as in everywhere else in the world starting from nearest countries. It might be too soon to announce our country’s first ever victory over expectations. we are very used to fail, to drag at the bottom of every list possible, to never ever prevail, always the worst at something.

I am writing all this not to say that I hate this God Forsaken Beautiful Country and its thoughtless citizens. in the very contrary. I stayed this long to only love it more. not the people particularly. with their naïveté. but the potentials. how good we should be. the hopes.

this thing.

it should bring the best out of any one of us. everything else brought the worst. we know corruption. we thrive at tricks for the benefit of…I really don’t know how who when why. but we do love it.

So why not trying our best at doing our best this time? borders our closed for a very while. no escape from our reality. that one we shaped. that one we should be taken accountable for.

let’s do this thing.

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