it’s been close to 2 years now that we’ve been #caring literally for each other by distancing or getting too close with promiscuous activism. last time was a humbly satisfying yet short-lived blast.

Joan Razafimaharo, a 38-years old architect, said ”the collective is above all a human experience where the “entry ticket” is a strong desire to help others in a selfless way, as they are not in position to repay you.”

I couldn’t agree more, but they don’t stop there. Beyond the desire to help the others, Solidarité Madagascar is also built on principles including respecting human dignity, prohibiting selfies with beneficiaries during the delivery of help, and the targeting of vulnerable groups that are not reached by the governmental aid. The greatest merit of Solidarité Madagascar lies in one belief: it was possible to build the resilience capacity of Madagascar by mobilizing its own resources.

In Madagascar, citizen engagement brings practical solutions to issues related to Covid-19

From World Bank Blog : Nasikiliza

image by Mozer Ation

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