Antananarivo is a 4-Century-old city.

Andrianampoinimerina, as a wise king, knew what rice fields brought to his nation. Their presence even in its capital marks the importance of his power but above all the social pragmatism of this great strategist.

Today the hydraulic engineering of the great plain of the Betsimitatatra dating back to the time of this great king is seriously threatened. These failed planning succession and lack of knowledge of the major issues specific to Tana accentuate the vulnerability of the population of its neighborhoods.

Solving the social problems of Antananarivo requires first to solve the status of water in the city. The wet areas to preserve for food crops and sanitation are reduced as a skin of sorrow.

Do you know at least that one third of the city that lives there is not just as useless, dangerous and dependable human mass but represents the urban and economic pool of Antananarivo?

Do you know how essential it is for Tana to regulate its waters, circulation and retention? What it costs “to borrow” surface from the Betsimitatatra? Not only in loss of production yield but especially in hydraulic threats and therefore in social vulnerability?

This urban fabric exists.

It feeds its city.

It makes its greatness and unity.

It won’t disappear.

If we don’t give it its fair status.

It will explode elsewhere, everywhere…

Returned already several times since his death, Andrianampoinimerina, who had left us a real prestigious capital with unique assets in the world now unrecognizable, should turn again in his grave.

source : Article Pela Ravalitera L’Express de Madagascar

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