In 2023, as in previous years, I was able to take a total of seven days off. I used this time to visit Andasibe parks in June and more recently, Ivoloina park with my children. Whenever we find ourselves in a new region, like Menabe or Atsimo-Andrefana in 2020 and 2022, we seize the opportunity to visit nearby wildlife and nature reserves. Interestingly, many of our construction projects at TRANO Architecture are conveniently located near such places ????.

Do you often visit zoos or nature reserves? The future of our nation might be at risk if educated and middle-class people choose to primarily engage in leisure activities and social media. However, these nature reserves are not only affordable for locals, costing just 1000 ariary for adults and 500 ariary for children, but they also provide valuable experiences. Here, children can learn and interact with various species such as lemurs, and discover unique animals like salamanders and tortoises.

Environmental literacy is about acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to address and resolve critical challenges for maintaining balance in our ecology, economy, and society, both individually and collectively.

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