I do Design

Through the years since I started Architecture school I was always very shy to share my body of works. Even though I am very aware that these kinds of informations could lead to decisions in a client choice to hire you or an organization to choose you among many deserving. Step by step I started to share more especially since I got back to Madagascar when I had to expose all the extents of my competencies in order to…earn a living (also I was an employee back in Canada so I couldn’t share from firms I worked for). It was here in my homeland that I discovered that people assimilated architects with designers and engineers with the conviction that architects are the ones doing nothing and billing the most. oh my. I had to get involved in advocacy fo my profession and “les règles de l’art”. It was also here at the corner of Mahamasina and Tuléar that I met the most talented architects always ready to emulate and pushing me to always improve and work harder. So despite shyness and a great deal of imposter syndrom but also awareness that I am a constant WORK IN PROGRESS grounded in acknowledging that I am doing my best this is a simple link a link to showcase the hardworking process of architecturing I led and still leading since 2000.

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