Life in Madagascar can be unforgiving.

Yet, you have to experience it firsthand to truly understand the significance of being here—among hardworking, good-hearted people, our people, dedicated to working on our land.

The rich red of the lateritic soil, the hopeful blue of the ocean merging with the sky, and the remaining green patches of the rainforests we’ve traversed and sadly witnessed burning over the years. 

I’ve been immersed in the most challenging projects for countless years now. I am so lucky to be surrounded by the most talented and good-spirited people. In the face of the most difficult situations, we never shy away, relying on each other for support and assistance.

Every time we’re on the verge of delivering a new building, there is this fever, accompanied by that gut-wrenching feeling that we could have done even better. I’m incredibly grateful that we never stopped working, never letting go of the opportunity to engage in rewarding yet stressful experiences.

Our journey has taken us to the far reaches of remote locations. We’ve met remarkable people – professionals who share our common goals and show immense respect for the work we do. The sacrifices we’ve made to be on-site are not in vain. Just being present, feeling the ground tremors as we dig and seeing dust fill the air, reminds us of our purpose.

Photo of our site in Moramanga

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