TRANO Architecture team is back on the road. Some towards the South, others to the East and in the coming weeks the North and Mid-West.Why is that ? We have decided not to limit our commitment to the development of Madagascar to Tananarive Center-Ville or Ilafy (we have had a lot of projects in these areas and we thank our project owners for their trust). But our little 100% Malagasy Architecture firm has placed its Heart where it is necessary to be EVERYWHERE in the country without being limited to the ease of the work or … to the lure of profit.These projects in Manjakandriana, Manakara, Majunga, Tamatave, Fianarantsoa (and even more elsewhere) are an opportunity for our team to grow and better understand the challenges of the country and the construction sector.We are vulnerable to the consequences of Climate Change affecting the Indian Ocean. An island-continent with 1000 colors such as Madagascar must therefore acquire an adequate, appropriate and efficient response for housing and infrastructures.

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