I will not share pictures or media articles about latest heartwrenching headlines.

obviously everybody thinks it happened far far away in some remote region where nobody goes. I am very sad to wrong everyone and will bring this to my personal experience (since you have noticed everything out here is all about me.myself.I and my dog) : It happened right here next door in Analamanga region. Capitale region of Madagascar. when we hear about killings and martyrs, we only think about medieval stories from past centuries. this just happened few days ago. these villagers may have called for help. they just end up being murdered. and the saddest part about this awful story is that it will remain unresolved.

I am not judging you, us, for not caring anymore past this Sunday 8 pm news and surely by late Monday 10 pm you will jump into some fun Political Celeb bashing but the truth is : the less you care the more it will worsen.

I have been lucky enough to secure gigs in various regions of Madagascar. being a daughter of jetsetters/roadtrippers I have been travelling lengthily since (Fort-Dauphin was my first trip dad said). Therefore I have been raised with values that involve respect for the land, the land and the people of the land and the land that belongs to people. in Madagascar languages may differ, fashion and looks are not exactly the same but our ownership of the land prevails. I visited mines (rubis, saphire, name it) and worked for agri-business people, NGOs, not much with government but I know my country very well : we own the land and it will be claimed loudly.

why do I care so much about all this sharing ? because if you don’t see things from another point of view, from mine or a normal someone travelling 100 kilometers per hour’s personal Android lens, Stories’, Tweets’, … you will keep on faking and living the most beautiful uncomfortable lie. it’s worse than using filters on Instagram. you will photoshop your reality. autotune your truth.

Madagascar is a multi-layered country, communities, us people have lived among each others for centuries as long as respect for the land was sustained.
but not anymore.


  1. Dommage, vraiment dommage que ça se soit passé comme ça. Ces pauvres gens n’ont pas demandé et n’ont rien fait pour mériter ce qui leur arrive.
    Le pays a de bons potentiels, out est faisable pour quelqu’un qui s’en donne les moyens. Mais là, il faut apprendre à se débrouiller tout seul. Ne pas compter sur les gouvernants. S’entraider entre population je ne sais pas si c’est encore possible.
    Après ne vous étonnez pas si les gens de la brousse viennent squatter les trottoirs de la ville. Ils sont brûlés et volés s’il restent dans leur village….

    1. je ne vois rien qui semble avoir changé en termes de féodalité en plusieurs siècles. malgré les technologies et les régimes, on retrouve toujours cette opposition entre urbanité (quadri centenaire) et ruralité très fragilisée maintenant des crises alimentaires dues à la sécheresse et cataclysmes. l’insécurité est un fait séculaire à Madagascar mais en 2022 cela semble tellement encore étonner ceux qui refusent de participer plus activement et avec bonne foi au vrai développement du pays. éduquer, éduquer, éduquer

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