well sorry for this one

it will indeed be very much Netflixed and Disney Plused since we are, in most parts of the world and in my mind surtout, all stuck online not socializing therefore slackhtivisting our best out of this pandemy.

in the XXIst century, Hamilton is Latino, Jefferson is Creole, Alexandra Schuyler is not Dutch (and deserves her Emmy for the performance), Mr Darcy II is breathtakingly Zimbabwean (it makes no sense he is named Hastings in the show, he IS DARCY to me and will also become Bond as in James Bond), the amazing Lupin is Senegalese and IRL the Dutchess of Sussex was not but in Britain and very much mixed-race.

everybody is smart, beautiful, courageous, generous, comfortingly normal.

so yeah basically The Revolution is very much streaming live from the comfort of our couch. hope it feels right. and normal.

my trip into the land of the Tanala and the Antemoro is going kilomètriquement very well. I totally forgot to buy my satroka bory but I’ll be back in few weeks. I’ll be done with my heavy reading by then.

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