There have been many questions about multiple “disruptions” suffered by the source cosmogony of the architecture of Madagascar.

Architecture Gasy awaits its theories and as demonstrated by my fellow architect-researcher Louisette Rasoloniaina (free transcription of her intervention): “Let’s go back together to the source, retrace our route and try to decipher the syncretisms that made up the beautiful architecture trano gasy. There and only there, we will know how to better trace it and better prepare ourselves for the future.”

My thanks go to Ms. Sahondra Andriamihamina and her extraordinary team at the Directorate of National Archives – Madagascar for the warm welcome with such an attentive and active audience in hard-hitting issues. young people and researchers in this place which is more precious than the Central Bank and which “smells of Rova” as Rasolofonjaona Mahery Lorenzo said (the great intern who left to work in my place). The right environment to help me restart my often postponed research project.

Also a big up to the crew who came to lend a hand to talk trano gasy really trano gasy Rakotoseheno Rado and his enormous work in support of Jean-christophe Soubervie craftsmanship training programs across the island.

And …I dared but frankly I dared to talk about trano gasy, our culture and I even started with a beginning in Malagasy. these 5 minutes of very erudite speech would have made me pass for “a little young girl avy any an-dafy” without my coaches in teny gasy that I annoy late at night and early in the morning while efa hita be fa efa nahazo volon -tany aho.

Also a huge gratitude in the presence of the Friends of the Heritage of Madagascar (APM) with our President Frédéric Rabesahala. The preservation of heritage in Madagascar is going through very great trials that we will overcome together in order to leave the best to our children.

To my architect friends, those who inspire me to practice emulation, I will see you again in a few months, on February 24, 2023 exactly to pick up where we left off today: how to build better since we is now doomed to rebuild?
(in fact everyone is invited)

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