Atsinanana Rainforest or The Madagascar lowland forests or Madagascar humid forests is found on the eastern coast of the island home to a plant and animal mix that is 80 to 90% endemic. Only 10.79% of the ecoregion is in protected areas even though the Rainforests of the Atsinanana are inscribed on thhe List of World Heritage in Danger since 2010 https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1257/

Analamazaotra National Park is a 26.53 km2 national park since 2013 but was categorized a special reserve since the 70s only for 810 ha of its area. It adjoins Andasibe-Mantadia National Park to the north. The reserve is situated in the region Alaotra-Mangoro, close to Moramanga and Andasibe on the RN2. It is the most accessible site of its kind therefore its unique flora and fauna are unrelentlessly threaten by illegal logging and slash and burn. The town is crowded with so many tourists and locals enjoying their time. It is a great news after lockdowns from the Covid-19 making the precious rainforest at high risk from villagers losing their livelihood from tourism revenues and going back to illegally exploiting the rainforests.

I booked this 3-day trip a while ago but I couldn’t afford to take enough time off and also couldn’t save enough money for the expenses. Even though I am a bit sick, very tired, stressed, burnt out, the kids also deserve to take a break after an exhausting but successful school year. During a 2-hour trail, we saw incredible lemurs the amazing Sifaka, Lémurien bambou, Lemur Fulvus (tonight), Varika Mena and a beautiful family of Babakoto Indri hanging on trees very close to us in their habitat. We then went to Périnet Gare downtown Andasibe so that the kids could enjoy the Arendrina walk in the streets. A Malagasy tradition to celebrate Asaramanitra at the eve of our June 26th Independance Day. And of course we had a meal of Ravitoto for lunch.

Then off to Tana, going back home, to real life, Malagasy life or else…??

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