There is no school of architecture accredited by the International Union of Architects in Madagascar (pop. 27,690,000).

There has not been enough lobbying with teachers, institutions and authorities to rigorously resolve this deficiency in a definitive way.

Education recognized by the UNESCO-UIA Charter is a body of trainings (including lectures and workshops) that will have undergone months, if not years, of accreditation procedures over a minimum program of 3 years of somewhat theoretical where one produces the equivalent of a Bachelor in Architecture which does not allow to practice but allows to enter in Professional Master in Architecture which lasts 2 years maximum but does not allow to practice in project management (and sign our blueprints and be able to boss people around on site) because it is necessary to be admitted in the Order which will require an average of 1 year of professional experience and in some countries, mainly English-speaking, to pass half a dozen exams. that’s just sums it. so if your school doesn’t allow you to AT THE VERY LEAST graduate with a very official, standardized, by the book architectural degree, the UNESCO-UIA Charter only one and unique way : don’t bother and go find another solution abroad.

UdeM Ecole d’Architecture

But first…

What are we going to teach there if we don’t already have up-to-date research, reference works and a fairly strong syllabus supported by a sweet mix of arts, academics and techniques in Madagascar? not to mention the plethora of doctoral students capable of teaching theory, technique and whatever in core subjects. I’m not just talking about a cute workshop like a workshop held by a professional who wanted to “inspire” minds… we’re talking serious here, we’re talking about shaping minds and explaining Vitruvius with the same class as Zaha Hadid at the AA in London or at least will train Youth not to rebuild an old wood palace in concrete.

From my 22 years in the field, I have collected and dragged from town to town these little books that are physically precious because some are signed, others are no longer published. I also directly (yes completely) contacted the French and Canadian archives centers to give me HD scans of books or doctoral theses on the themes of housing, development and urban planning in Madagascar. I let the trainees use it excessively these past months given the deficiency but what else do we do?

Here is the UIA-UNESCO link if we decide to take seriously this creation of a school of architecture in Madagascar

Procedures for accreditation of a School of Architecture in Madagascar here is the link of the UNESCO / UIA CHARTER FOR THE TRAINING OF ARCHITECTS:

For the creation of a School of Architecture accredited by UNESCO-International Union of Architects in Madagascar

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